As a leading property investment company in Melbourne, Image Property Group holds a simple yet strong philosophy:  Our clients are life time clients, not one time clients.

So whether you’re buying or selling your own own home, interested in a wise property investment, listing a property, or just after some sound real estate advice, our experienced team of consultants will put you in good stead. With access to a global referral network, our sales & marketing team help deliver results unattainable by traditional selling methods.

Our ‘one stop shop’ serviceability makes buying  easy with financial, building and design services under the one roof.

All Current Listings

All our property and land sale opportunities are listed on our profile at  Click the image below or here to view all our current listings.

Image Property Group's Property Investment Company Listings

Whilst we endeavour to keep our listings up to date, the fast pace at which our properties move on and off the market may not always be reflected online. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, or want further information about one of our projects, please submit an enquiry here and we’ll be in touch shortly.